, the largest goalkeeper shop in Europe in Papendrecht.

The largest range of goalkeeper gloves in the Netherlands. Always more than 700 pairs of goalkeeper gloves in stock in the store.

Friday 10-11-2023 the store in Papendrecht is closed.

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Buy goalkeeper gloves and other goalkeeper supplies.

Order goalkeeper gloves online or in store

"" has the largest and most extensive range of goalkeeper gloves in stock. This means you can buy all goalkeeper gloves from all top brands from us. For goalkeepers of every age and every level. At the best price. That is why we do not only supply to children. We also find a lot to like about adults.

When you have decided to become a goalkeeper you need the right equipment. Jeugdkeeper supplies all the necessities for goalkeepers. From gloves, goalkeeper pants, goalkeeper shirt to the glove bag. Jeugdkeeper has it all in stock in the store. So that you too can develop like goalkeepers like Manuel Neuer, Joe Hart, Jasper Cillessen and Thibaut Courtois. But also as Kenneth Vermeer, Petr Chech, Andre Onana, Brad Jones, Keylor Navas and Jeroen Zoet. Maybe you prefer the older crowd. Goalkeepers like Edwin van der Sar, Gianluca Buffon, Hans van Breukelen or Jan van Beveren.

We offer the largest range of goalkeeper gloves in various models. Firstly, we have gloves with and without Fingersave. In addition, Roll finger, Negative seam, Hybrid goalkeeper gloves and flat fingers. In addition, special goalkeeper gloves for artificial grass. We also have a collection of goalkeeper clothing from various brands. Brands such as Uhlsport, Reusch, Stanno, Hummel, Masita, Jako, MCDavid and Campri.

Goalkeeper shop
Jeugdkeeper is the first real physical goalkeeper store in the Netherlands. Pure origin and driven by passion. Passion for the goalkeeping profession. In the goalkeeper specialty store you can easily try on and try out all different types of goalkeeper gloves. This means that no one leaves without good explanation or advice. As a result, Jeugdkeeper has grown over the years into the specialist store in the Netherlands. A sports shop where young novice goalkeepers can get good information. However, the senior goalkeeper will also find everything for the required level. Can't find your glove among the brands Adidas, Stanno, Uhlsport, Reusch, Elite Sport, Aviata, The One Glove Company and Sells? We can often order other brands and models.

Various goalkeeper gloves
Every hand is different. Moreover, every requirement is different. For this reason, you must try on all goalkeeper gloves at Youth Keeper. You should also try them out on the tjoek in the goalkeeper shop. Some goalkeepers swear by the flat finger, because you have a large catching surface. The other goalkeeper prefers the Roll Finger or Negative seam, which gives you more feeling with the ball. There are also many hybrid shapes on the market with a combination of the previous models. Recently we have seen a shift towards hybrid shapes and goalkeeper gloves with negative seams.

Since the 1990s, Adidas has been adding Fingersave to goalkeeper gloves. As a result, there has been an enormous development in finger protection. Fingersave consists of plastic splints that are incorporated into the finger. Because these splints are fairly stiff, they ensure that the fingers cannot fold backwards. Each brand has its own name for this technology. Sells has "Guard", Reusch has Finger Support and Uhlsport has Support Frame for example. There are also more luxurious versions such as Orto-Tec and Bionic Frame. This species looks more at the skeleton.
Opponents of Finger Save consider the lack of ball feeling a major disadvantage. Catching well is very difficult with fingersave. Often the ball is pushed down instead of caught. The wrong catching technique is also taught. That is why they wear goalkeeper gloves without fingersave. In addition, clamping is more difficult because the fingers cannot be spread properly. In aerial duels, for example, you can let the ball slip. As a result, more and more goalkeepers are opting for gloves without FingerSave.

Artificial grass gloves
In recent years, so-called artificial grass goalkeeper gloves have become increasingly popular. These goalkeeper gloves differ from "normal" gloves by using more durable and stronger foam. All goalkeeper gloves wear out through contact with the ball. There are other factors that cause the glove to break. Firstly, getting up incorrectly and secondly, causing the greatest wear and tear. That's why you always use your fists when you get up from the ground.
This wear occurs more quickly with artificial grass. The artificial grass goalkeeper glove is therefore a normal glove. Only the foam is stronger due to the addition of other products such as graphite. The foam is also pressed together more compactly. Every advantage has its disadvantage. As a result, artificial grass goalkeeper gloves usually have less grip than normal goalkeeper gloves, but they last longer.

There are some special goalkeeper gloves that combine good grip and durability. However, these mittens are higher in price.

Worldwide shipping / Worldwide shipping supplies goalkeeper supplies to the entire world. We guarantee fast Worldwide Shipping. If your country is not among the countries listed in the shipping options, call or email us.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow. If you order before 2:00 PM, we are guaranteed to deliver your package (if in stock) to Postnl.
We do not charge shipping costs for orders over €70.00 in the Netherlands.
We also do not charge shipping costs for orders above €70.00 in Belgium.

Choose knowledge, passion and service. So come visit

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