Presentaties en keeper clinics is not just a shop for goalkeeper related issues, but also stands for education and training.
Training of goalkeepers, young and old, but also (goalkeepers) trainers we want stumuleren. Therefore we will try to organize goalkeeper days and events where these goals are of paramount importance.

So we always organize in the autumn a goalkeepers clinic where more than 100 goalkeepers are trained in age from 6 to 18 years by specialized trainers and expert goalkeeper coaches of professional football. Always assisted by goalkeepers playing in the youth of professional football.

In addition, we are always willing to explain an association of materials and or collaboration give a goalie clinic at a local club for goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches or.

Events / meetings for trainers we will mention.

Visit the following pages for upcoming events and clinics and or impressions of past events.

Basiscursus ProGoal van Maarten Arts bij V.V. Drechtstreek 22 & 25 Arpil 2016

Landelijke Keepersdag 23-10-2015 bij V.V. Drechtstreek ism

Landelijke Keepersdag 24-10-2014 bij V.V. Drechtstreek ism

Drumtastic bewegingsclinic

Contact us for a goalie clinic!

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