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Goalkeeper Gloves without  fingersave junior

Below you will find all goalkeeper gloves without finger save.
For goalkeepers who want the best feeling in the fingers the best option are gloves without any finger save.
In general we can say that the more expensive the goalkeeper gloves, the more grip it will have. However, at any advantage is a disadvantage. Goalkeeper gloves with grip tends to be less durable. The most expensive goalkeeper gloves exhibit even after one competition or training already wear. This is not so bad considering the foam continues to operate until the canvas comes through.
You'll also yourself have to decide what the balance of grip / sustainability should be.
It is for novice keepers therefore not advisable to purchase directly very expensive goalkeeper gloves. You work on your technique before you go one step higher. Good goalkeepers can be identified by the foam of the goalkeeper gloves. This is also true for adult keepers.

Goalkeeper Gloves for grass can also be used on artificial turf. However, due to the contact with the hard surface the foam will quickly wear out. If this is largely preventable, you can use regular goalkeeper gloves. Do you go for durabillity, then you choose the slightly firmer foam for synthetic turf.
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