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You don't become a good goalkeeper automatically. In addition to talent and various other factors, you will have to train a lot and especially in a targeted manner to make you a better goalkeeper. supplies various training materials for the goalkeeper, but also for the field player. We carefully compile these training materials and meet the requirements for good goalkeeper training. The goalkeeper training equipment is always in stock.

Materials for goalkeeper training supplies materials specifically for goalkeeper training. Of course you can also use this training material for field training, but the emphasis is on the goalkeeper. The good old tjoek is ideal for goalkeeper training. The crazy catch hand rebounder is an item that is gaining popularity. We even supply these to a large BVO. The resistance belt is slowly gaining a loyal following for older youth. The goalkeeper uses this to train jumping power and leg strength. The walking ladder, hats and hoops should not be missing from the collection of a goalkeeper coach.

Basic equipment for the goalkeeper coach
What training material does a goalkeeper coach use on average for goalkeeper training?
It is difficult to answer this. One trainer has a completely different vision than the other. It also depends on the age group you are training and also the level. To give you an idea, we have listed a number of training materials:

Walking ladder
The walking ladder, also called coordination ladder, is an indispensable piece of equipment for good footwork, coordination and motor skills. Can be integrated into the warm-up with various exercises with and without a ball. A must have that should be included in every training session. Some also call these ladders speed ladders.

Hats in various colors are indispensable. In fact, all exercises should be clearly defined. In addition, hats are an ideal way to make cuts along the length. Hats can also be used as a safe post. In any case, do not use cones during diving exercises. When a goalkeeper dives on a pawn, the suffering is incalculable.
We use colored hats ourselves to make the goalkeeper aware of the remaining defense (have them name the color of a hat in front of the goal when a cross is expected).
Does a goalkeeper have difficulty with the goal kick? then put a ball on a hat and let them get under the ball. Guaranteed that after a while the goalkeeper will also take a normal back ball.

Hoops are often used in coordination forms. However, we use them with the youngest children to teach them to cut in and push off with the right leg. Place a hoop diagonally to the left and right in front of the goalkeeper. With a ball to the side of the goalkeeper, have the right leg step into the hoop first before diving to the ground. Because of the forward movement they will cut in well and also use the right leg to push off.

Hurdles are ideal tools for acquiring jumping power. Pay attention to the correct execution and landing. In addition, hurdles can also be used for coordination and conditioning exercises. It is usually not about the height of the hurdle, but about the quality of the movement.

The above is the basis for a goalkeeper coach. This can of course be expanded as more specific exercises are performed or other specific matters are trained. Feel free to ask for advice in the shop. There is usually a goalkeeper coach present.

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