Maintenance of Goalkeepers gloves

Proper maintenance of your keepers gloves is important for the sustainability and effectiveness of your goalkeepers gloves. The foam of a goalkeepers glove is a natural product. The better the foam (in terms of grip) the less long this will last. So you need to decide for yourself what your ratio price/grip/durability factor is. If you keep yourself to a number of "rules" your goalkeepers gloves last longer and will continue to keep the best properties.

  1. Let your keepers gloves not dry out. Always store your goalkeeper gloves (slightly) wet into a glovebag. If necessary, moisten the keepers gloves in between.
  2. Always clean your goalkeepers gloves after each match and training. The sooner the better. At each ballcontact and ofcourse also contact with the field small pebbles, mud, dirt etc attach themselves to the glove. This weakens the inside of the goalkeepers glove. Wash the keepers gloves (with glove cleaner) and squeeze excess water from the goalkeepers glove. Never wring or put them on the heating!
    Roll the goalkeeper gloves in a towel to excess the rest of the water. Then you can put the damp gloves in a glovebag for storage. Never use the washing machine and/or dryer!
    Look at the bottom of the page to the movie or view it directly on youtube:
  3. Make sure that the foamsides of the goalkeepers gloves are not against each other during the summer-and winter break. They can "melt" into eachother.
  4. Use for training and matches other goalkeepers gloves. If the training gloves are worn out, you can but new gloves for the matches and use the old match gloves for the training.
  5. Choose the right size. At least not too small. To small keepers gloves can make the seams go crack.
  6. Treat your goalkeepers gloves carefully. Try  standing up from the ground not with your flat hand (foamside). Young goalkeepers (and therefore also the parents) should make sure they will not hang with their gloves in the nets or lean against the goal posts and/or walls.
  7. Use your goalkeepers gloves not too wet. sllightly wet is often sufficient. Goalkeepers gloves which ate to wet often break down fast from within and may rupture (foam) after a period of use.

View the video below to see how you clean goalkeeper gloves.





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