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Shinguards Junior

Shin guards are not glamorous and you never see players long debate about the merits of one Shin guard in front of the other. Often cut back on this appliance. Sin, really, because Shin guards belong to fulfill a task that mathematically is almost impossible.

They should be as light as possible, shall not prevent, until such time as they have been suddenly the strongest possible protection. They protect great shocks and even bone fractures, but also the small cuts should they occur. This is no easy task and we believe that they deserve a little more attention and respect.

We have Shin guards in various shapes and sizes. Shin pads with and without ankle protection (cups) and with or without removable plate. We even have Shin guards with calf protection. Shin pads which consist of a sock with a removable plate are becoming increasingly popular. These Shin guards remain very well on the place making aftapen or use special straps is not necessary. At this Shin guards lack the protective cups, however only the freedom and comfort that the player gets for many people with this type weighs heavier.

• Make sure Shin guards directly after a workout or competition be hung to dry.

• Wash in lukewarm soapy water or pan on a low temperature in the washing machine is also not a problem. This prevents unpleasant  smells.

• Buy Shin pads not too big.

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