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Goalkeepers shirt

A football team consists of eleven man, each with their own tasks. Where the striker has to make the goals, the goalkeeper has to prevent this. Therfor the goalkeeper is extremely important for a squad. The goalkeeper differs most of all other positions within the team and of course in a way that should be made clear. This requires a goalkeeper shirt. Hence today many goalkeepers shirt are avialable.

Stylisch shirt

As a goalkeeper you would like to perform, but at the same time stylish. All eyes are soon on the goalkeeper. A goalkeeper that is not functioning optimally, can expect a lot of complaining from both teammates and the public, but a goalkeeper who picks up all the balls, is  the hero of the day. That makes the goalkeepers position so beautiful, you get attention anyway, each match again. And then, of course, a stylish Kit is needed. Nowadays, you can find anything in goalkeeper shirts. Well-known brands such as Uhlsport, Reusch and Sells offer plenty of goalkeepers stuff such as a goalkeepers shirt in striking and neutral colors.

Wich color

Not only is the protection that a keepers shirt offers convenient, also the bright colors of a keepers shirt may have a higher purpose. A research shows that in the Premier League goalkeepers with bright colors saved more balls. Red was the best color followed by bright orange, yellow and green and blue.


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