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Goalkeeper gloves cleaning & storage service

Certain parts of the year there is no longer training or matches.
It is precisely these times that are disastrous for gloves if you do not care about and therefore does not give the right care. has a service which is perfect for these conditions. During this period you can hand your goalkeeper gloves with us. We clean them and store them neatly. Then they are frequently viewed, maintained and treated with Glove Glu. Once again trainings and competitions are starting, you'll get your goalie gloves and you can become active again to work.

So avoid goalkeeper gloves that are stuck together, the foam is torn or completely dried out and leave care to your glove specialist.

You get the following services when submitting your goalkeeper gloves:
• Inspection goalkeeper gloves
• Cleaning the gloves with Glove Wash
• Storing of your goalkeeper gloves
• Frequent inspection of goalkeeper gloves (humidity etc.)
• Treatment with Glu Glove for more grip

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