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A (goalkeeper's) leggings for the goalkeeper?
Goalkeeper leggings have become indispensable for the modern goalkeeper. More and more goalkeepers are finding their way to the tight leggings for the goalkeeper. Where one goalkeeper likes to wear leggings with padding, the other goalkeeper will like to wear leggings without protection. It is all possible with the new goalkeeper leggings from Uhlsport, Gladiator, Kempa, Jako and The One Glove company that we supply at

Why goalkeeper tights?
Goalkeeper tights are a fairly young phenomenon. Until a few years ago, goalkeepers often wore goalkeeper pants in long or short form. The 3/4 goalkeeper pants then became popular because of their mobility. In the professional world, very tight training pants were increasingly worn, followed by thermals and tights. However, these products do not have the properties that the goalkeeper was waiting for.
Thermal pants are warm and a goalkeeper quickly gets warm and the structure of such pants also caused enormous wear and tear.

The goalkeeper tights soon came into the picture. A tight, long tight that is slightly smoother than the normal thermal and does not have the warming properties. Due to the popularity of artificial grass, leggings took a huge leap forward and are one of the most popular items in the shop.

Benefits of goalkeeper tights
Why does a goalkeeper choose leggings instead of goalkeeper pants? There are a number of reasons for this, namely:

Goalkeeper pants are thick and often wide, leggings are tight and thin.
Goalkeeper pants absorb a lot of moisture and become heavy, while leggings do not. They ensure moisture drainage.
Freedom of movement is optimal with leggings, much less with pants.
The fit of leggings is always good, goalkeeper pants can lead to a search.
There are also some other advantages to mention. This means you can wear any type of shorts you want with goalkeeper leggings. Endless combinations instead of black pants.
It also just looks more athletic in goalkeeper pants, to be honest. Goalkeepers are quite vain.

Type Goalkeeper leggings
The goalkeeper tights can be distinguished into 2 main types:
The leggings with protection and the leggings without protection. There are also 3/4 goalkeeper leggings with and without protection on the hips.

Which goalkeeper tights do we recommend? As with goalkeeper gloves, this is a personal decision. However, there are factors that play a role in your decision.
If you are still very young and fall on your knees a lot and also wear out your pants, then definitely choose goalkeeper leggings with protection. These leggings have protection on the hips and knees and, if worn properly, will protect you very well and also give you a comfortable feeling. The protection is not very noticeable with these types of models, but it is present.

Are you very advanced and would you like to avoid some abrasions? Then wear normal goalkeeper tights without protection.

Don't be afraid that you won't be "tough" if you wear protection. Many BVO goalkeepers wear protective pants for the hips, so you will not always see this, but it is worn. At some BVOs it is even mandatory given the many blows the goalkeepers have to endure.
In these cases, the goalkeepers wear normal goalkeeper tights with short protective underpants over them. Then there are short sports pants over it.

There are also those who opt for 1 whole and choose the 3/4 goalkeeper leggings with hip protection. The leggings do not look protected, but they do have hip protection.

So you see that there is something for everyone.

Are you interested in how such leggings fit? Visit the store and try out the various brands with or without additional protective clothing.

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