What goalkeeping gloves are suitable for me?

You want to buy goalkeeper gloves online? You want to buy goalkeeper gloves in the goalkeeper store? Or maybe you want to give goalkeeper gloves as a present? Read this article and you will get a better picture.

Jeugdkeeper.nl always wants to provide the best advice and service. We often receive questions like: "Which goalkeeper gloves are best for me" or "I'm looking for goalie gloves for a child" or just "I want goalkeeper gloves for adults", lately there is great demand for goalkeeper gloves for artificial turf.

The  questions above are difficult to answer and the answer depends on many factors. We will try to give some clarity in this article.


In the selection of goalkeeper gloves you will have to ask yourself what you want to do with the goalkeeper gloves. Are the gloves for training for matches or for both purposes?
Ideal is to have both a pair of training gloves and match gloves. The match gloves are made of softer foam for optimum grip. Training gloves with a durable foam to make last longer.
This is not feasible for everyone whether you want to train with the same goalie gloves and playing games so you have the same feeling.

With this we also come at a huge factor: The budget.

Budget andadhesion / durability

In general we can say that the more expensive the goalkeeper gloves, the more grip it will have. However, at any advantage is a disadvantage. Goalkeeper gloves with a lot of grip last shorter. The most expensive goalkeeper gloves show even after one match or training already signs of wear. This is not so bad considering the foam continues to operate until the canvas comes through.
You'll also  have to decide yourself what the balance of grip / sustainability should be.
It is for novice keepers therefore not advisable to purchase directly very expensive goalkeeper gloves. You work on your technique before you go one step higher. Good goalkeepers can be identified by the foam of the goalkeeper gloves. This is also true for adult keepers.
Goalkeeper Gloves for grass can also be used on artificial turf. However, due to the contact with the hard surface the foam will quickly wear out. If this is largely preventable, you can use regular goalkeeper gloves. Do you go for security, then you choose the slightly firmer foam for synthetic turf.

If you have made a choice for which purpose you want to use gloves and what is the budget we can go to the next step.


First of all you will have to choose between gloves with a finger Save system and gloves without a Finger Save system. Finger Save is a system to protect the fingers. Elements in the glove ensure that the fingers are not able to fold through. Also, the fingers are better protected for incoming bumps and collisions.

Each brand has his or her own name for the system in the keeper's gloves. Some gloves have removable finger Save. Within the finger save system are simple and extended systems. Thus Uhlsport has next to the Finger Save system called Support Frame also more extensive and Bionic Bionic + system and Reusch addition to the Finger support the Ortho-Tec system.

Using Finger Save in goalie gloves also has opponents. Opponents say the feeling in the keeper's gloves are less and are not charmed by the fact that Finger Save influenced the attitude of the fingers. Espacially for children Finger Save is a system that influence the ball handling. Proponents are paramount security.
The fact remains that this is a very personal choice.
Let us advise you, but do not force you to choose a system / reject. Not by a goalkeeper coach or club!


Now the big difference is defined, we can make a further distinction. Goalkeeper gloves are divided into various "cuts" or tailoring, roughly how the glove is stitched. This seems like a detail, but can be much difference in the final choice.

These "cuts" are most common. There are also some hybrids, but the main part is formed by:

• Classic Cut or flat finger.

Palm and back along the fingers stitched together.
The result is a fixed value: classic, comfortable, not too wide and not too narrow. Pull-in range is large and makes easier to capture.

• Roll Finger

Finger Roll is a trend in the UK which has since been adopted by all connoisseurs.
The latex is rolled, as it were around the finger. Thus, you get around a seamless grip with a fit that's more tightly.

• Negative Cut

The seams of the fingers are sewn to the inside. The keeper makes this more contact with the ball. This provides more feel at catching and throwing the ball.

Next to these cuts there are currently hybrid forms, and combinations of the above or a minor adjustment in the conventional cuts.

Another important detail, the closure of the glove. It goes too far to cover this in this article, but also the closure have a lot of influence on the final choice of a goalkeeper glove.


Determine the size on the basis of the dimension tables of each brand. Uhlsport and Sells are more spacious. Reusch slightly less spacious. Pay particular attention to the width of the glove. There should be no effect on the joints if you have applied the gloves. With each ball contact the seams endure large forces . The space on top of the finger is much less relevant. (They are no gloves for the bike).

After reading the abovegiving advise is quite tricky and goalie gloves are a personal feeling. Think about all of the above factors. Do not look at any models wearing by a professional goalkeeper. The professional goalkeeper has sponsorship contracts. Do not stare blindly at the beautiful colors, but always for the right goalie gloves and that's probably for everyone else. Jeugdkeeper.nl will at least try to make the right choice.

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