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Goalkeeper gloves

No football without keeper, no goalkeeper can do without goalkeeper gloves. The right material out is no easy task, for which you should all do not pay attention to? An important distinction is that between goalkeeper gloves with and without finger save. Choose to protect the fingers or for optimal feeling with the ball by choosing gloves without finger save?

Good goalie, good gloves

You can still be such a good goalkeeper, if you must parry the ball with bare hands , it is still a difficult story. Goalkeeper Gloves are not just a luxury, but above all an absolute must. If the ball is wet, you know as a goalkeeper like no other that you have to be alert. A mistake is easily made, right? Not if you have goalie gloves with good grip! Have your goalkeeper gloves with good grip, you should note that the grip decreases as you complete more games and practices.

Information and brands

An important part of the goalkeeper glove, the foam. The more expensive the gloves most of the time the foam provides better grip. Unfortunately, these goalkeeper gloves also tend to be more vulnerable. Also, the shape, or "cut" of the gloves is important. A classic cut for catching range, roll finger cut for a perfect fit or a negative cut for optimal ball contact: everything is possible! We have both junior and senior goalie gloves from various top brands, such as Aviata, Reusch, Sells, The One Glove Company and Uhlsport.

Match or training?

Many keepers choose to work with two pairs of goalkeeper gloves, a pair of goalkeeper gloves for training and a couple of matches. The advantage is that you always have competition gloves of top quality. In the matches you want to perform optimally, and for that you need goalkeeping gloves that are in good condition.

Fingersave or not?

Goalkeeper gloves with finger save protect your fingers against overturning, for example, when you tap a shot from the corner. There are also keepers who prefer to use gloves without finger save because they then have maximum freedom of movement and have much more feeling with the ball. It is a matter of taste: both variants are available!


Now the big difference is defined, we can make a further distinction. Goalkeeper gloves are divided into various "cuts" or tailoring, roughly how the glove is stitched. This seems like a detail, but can be much difference in the final choice.
These "cuts" are most common. There are also some hybrids, but the main part is formed by:
• Classic Cut or flat finger.
Palm and back along the fingers stitched together.
The result is a fixed value: classic, comfortable, not too wide and not too narrow. Pull-in range is large and makes easier to capture.
• Roll Finger
This is a trend in the UK which has since been adopted by all connoisseurs.
The latex is rolled, as it were around the finger. Thus, you get around a seamless grip with a fit that's more tightly. The advantage is more feeling and a reasonable catchment area.
• Negative Cut
The seams of the fingers are sewn to the inside. The keeper makes this more contact with the ball. This provides more feel at catching and throwing the ball. This is a form of the most feel. However, the capture area is small.

Besides the above there are currently cuts hybrid forms, and combinations of the above or a minor adjustment in the conventional cuts.

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