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Goalkeepergloves with Fingersave Junior

What is a goalkeeper without goalkeeper gloves? Probably not much, because goalkeeper gloves are the main tool of today's match. Of course, the football, the goalkeeper shirt and goalkeeper trousers are important, yet it is often the goalkeeper gloves actually picking the ball out of the air. And let it just be the main task of the keeper. Now goalkeeping kit features the latest technology in order to perform more rescues. How about finger save? This technique prevents many injuries and ensures that goalkeepers now able to stop even more balls. Thereby goalkeeper gloves with finger-save a godsend for many goalkeepers.

Fingersave tegen blessures

What's finger save exactly? Finger Save is a special technique that basically protects the fingers of the goalkeeper. This is done by means of a system that ensures that the fingers can not clap backwards, so that formerly caused many injuries. That creates a lot of finger injuries and also the  opponents studs can contribute. In these cases provide goalkeeper gloves with finger-save outcome.

Proponents and opponents finger save

For many goalkeepers, safety comes first. As a result, many goalkeepers also proponents of goalkeeper gloves with finger-save technology. However, there are a number of goalkeepers against it, because they feel they can not optimally move their fingers. It is therefore always consider whether you find it important: safety or freedom and therefore it is advisable to test different goalkeeper gloves. In addition, most goalkeepers at least two pairs of goalkeeper gloves in their possession, which you can also opt for one pair and one pair without finger save.


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