Products can be returned within 14 days when unused and if possible packaged in its original packaging.
Printed or embroidered prodcuts can not be returned.
Products can not be exchanged and should be order again by the webshop.

Return funds will be after 14 days after the trade has recinded
When returning goods please fill in our returmform

Costs of returns

The costs of returns are for the buyer, after the goods are recieved you will get a refund of the purchase price including the shipment costs.


If there are any questions, please contact us. We will always answer your complaint. 

If we think your complained is not warrented you can send your complained to "Geschillencommissie Webshop", Postbus 90600, 2509 LP te Den Haag. ( 
Check our general terms and condiotions, artikle 15 - Disputes, for the procedure.


Jeugdkeeper  is working with renowded suppliers which delivers quality products. However, Manufacturing errors are in any business. During the warrenty period any Manufacturing errors are dealed with. We will repair the product are deliver a new or alternative product.
All product have a waarenty period, however goalkeeper gloves are mainly made of latex. This is a product of nature and should be maintained the right way. (zie Onderhoud). There is no warrenty on gloves.
Jeugdkeeper uses a waarenty period of 1 month after the purchase.

The following is not covered by warrenty

  • Damage due to incompentent use (wet use, pullo out gloves wrongly, Standing up wrongly, etc)

  • Damage by negligent maintainance

  • Normal wastage

  • Pilling and hooks on garment

  • Stains in garment after use

  • Zippers

  • Damage from outside (nature, men, animal)

  • Stiching problems when the size is not measured by Jeugdkeeper

  • Stiching problems at Roll finger models.

  • Footballs

The re is no warrenty on foam of goalkeeper gloves. Damage can be done by the wrong falling technique, standing up or pulling out your gloves. Also excess of water can damage your gloves.
Maintain your gloves!

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