Proffesional goalkeepers Eredivisie 2016 / 2017

The followinggoalkeepers are under contract to the BVO's from the Dutch Eredivisie. A total of 59 goalkeepers on the list that can come true in the first team of a BVO. That are 3 more than the previous year. The average length of the goalkeeper is 1.89 meters. Kostas lamprou is with 1, 76 m the smallest keeper, Bryan Janssen of Sparta (1, 97 m) is the longest keeper of the Eredivisie. Kostas Lamprou is with 64 kg the lightest keeper, Nick Waolters (Roda JC) is 95 kg with the heaviest goalkeeper. The average weight of all keepers is 81.5 kg. The average age is 26 years. Simon Bakker (36) is the oldest keeper, Jurrian Jouvenaar (18) the youngest.

Club NaamLandGeboortedatumLengteKgFoto
Ado Den HaagJurrian JouvenaarNederland20-09-1998 Jurrian Jouvenaar

Ado Den HaagSetkus, Ernastus Setkus
Ado Den HaagBoer, Rody de Rody de Boer
Ado Den HaagZwinkels, Robert Zwinkels
AjaxTim Tim Krul
AjaxOnana, Andre Onana
AjaxBoer, Diederik Boer
AZRochet, Sergio Rochet
AZCoutinho, Gino Gino Coutinho
AZOlij, Nick Olj
FC GroningenPadt, Sergio Sergio Padt
FC GroningenLei, Stefan van Stefan van der Lei
FC TwenteMarsman, Nick Nick Marsman
FC TwenteStevens, Sonny Sonny Stevens
FC TwenteDrommel, Joel Drommel
FC UtrechtRuiter, Robin Ruiter
FC UtrechtJensen, David Jensen
FeyenoordVermeer, Kenneth Vermeer
FeyenoordJustin Justin Bijlow
FeyenoordPär Pär Hansson
FeyenoordBrad JonesAustralië Brad Jones
FeyenoordHahn, Warner Hahn
Go Ahead EaglesTheo Theo Zwarthoed
Go Ahead EaglesErik Eric Cummins
Go Ahead EaglesMark Mark Spenkelink
HeraclesCastro, BramBelgië Bram Castro
HeraclesBrouwer, Michael Brouwer
HeraclesFij, Renze Fij
NECJoris Joris Delle
NECMaarten PaesNederland14-05-1998190 Maarten Paes
NECSmits, Joshua Joshua Smits
NECDuin, Marco Marco van Duin
Pec ZwolleBegois, kevinBelgië Kevin Begois
Pec ZwolleHart, Mickey van Mickey van de Hart
Pec ZwolleMike Mike Hauptmeijer
PSVZoet, Jeroen Jeroen Zoet
PSVKoopmans, Luuk Koopmans
PSVHidde Hidde Jurjus
PSVPasveer, Remko Pasveer
Roda JCLeer, Benjamin vanNederland09-04-199218775, Benjamin van Leer
Roda JCYves de WinterBelgië Yves de Winter
Roda JCWolters, Nick Wolters
SBV ExcelsiorDamen, Alessandro Allesandro Damen
SBV ExcelsiorHavekotte, Mike Mike Havekotte
SBV ExcelsiorKurto, Filip Kurto
SBV ExcelsiorMuyters, TomBelgië Tom Muyters
SC HeerenveemMulder, Erwin Mulder
SC HeerenveenJan BekkemaNederland09-04-1996 Jan Bekkema
SC HeerenveemWouter van der Wouter van der Steen
SpartaMichael Michael Fabrie
SpartaBryan Bryan Jansen
SpartaRicardo Ricardo Kieboom
SpartaRoy Roy Kortsmit
SpartaMichael Michael Verrips
VitesseRoom, Eloy Room
VitesseMichael Michael Tornes
VitesseJeroen Jeroen Houwen
Willem IILamprou, Kostas Kostas Lamprou
Willem IIMattijs Mattijs Branderhorst
Willem IIBertrams, Nigel Nigel Bertrams
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